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P rocess Mapping Exercise For Government To Business Services

Assignment name: Process Mapping Exercise For Government To Business Services Approx. value of the contract (in current US$ or Euro): -
Location within country: Dhaka And Three Districts Of Bangladesh Duration of assignments (months): 5
Name of the Client: Total No. of staff-months of the assignment: 5
Address: Miah Rahmat Ali/BICF United House, Gilshan, Dhaka Approx. value of the services provided by your firm under the contract (in US$ currency equivalent): --

Start date (month/year): 2012-06-01 00:00:00

Completion date (month/year): 2012-11-01 00:00:00

No. of professional stuff-months provided by associated Consultants: 5
Name of associated Consultants, if any: N/A

Name of senior professional staff of your firm involved and functions performed (indicate most significant profiles such as Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader):

Project Architect: -

Project Consultant: Mr. M. Zakir Hossain

Project Engineer: -

Narrative Description of Project: Assisted the International Process Mapping Team in drawing As-Is and To-be maps for 24 regulatory processes at national and sub-national levels. Conducted focus group discussions to develop baseline data for Monitoring and Evaluation. Undertook impact analysis of process simplification on the local business environment. The process mapping exercise was mainly done to identify existing regulatory processes and find out areas of weaknesses and thereafter, redesigning the processes for further improvement towards creating a simplified regulatory regime conducive to trade and investment promotion. BICF attempts to undertake this task with the goal that the investors would benefit from an overall 25% reduction in time and costs associated with the administrative processes at the national and municipality (sub-national) level. \nDescription of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:\n Kick-off meeting with BICF Task Manager and the international experts (IE) \n Finalize the work plan in consultation with the IE and BICF Task Manager \n Collect and review relevant SRO, Acts, ordinances, rules, regulations, etc. \n Assist in listing business regulatory processes in consultation BICF and prepare process maps based on existing rules and regulations \n Listing different government officials along with contact details for meetings \n Establishing contacts with the government officials and schedule meetings\n Meeting the government officials at national institutions level \n Meeting the government officials at sub-national/Municipality level \n Meeting the key persons in the business community (KIIs)\n Holding FGD with different sector associations \n Holding FGD with the representative of foreign investors\n Develop baseline data for calculating compliance cost and scope of savings \n Undertake impact assessment of various processes \n Analyze cost-benefit for all processes from both government and business perspective using flowchart, symbols, etc.\n Participate in designing BPR activities for improvement \n Prepare a ‘complete work plan’ to implement BPR activities \n Identify scope of ICT application for improved service delivery \n Prepare final report documenting the process mapping exercise \n Report on time, labor and monetary cost required and their sources\n